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STMicroelectronics PM6670AS

Complete DDR2/3 memory power supply controller


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage4.5-36 V
Output 12.6 V
Output 21.8 V
Output 31.5 V
IC revision2


The device PM6670AS is a complete DDR2/3power supply regulator designed to meet JEDECspecifications.It integrates a constant on-time (COT) buckcontroller, a 2 Apk sink/source low drop outregulator and a 15 mA low noise bufferedreference.The COT architecture assures fast transientresponse supporting both electrolytic and ceramicoutput capacitors. An embedded integratorcontrol loop compensates the DC voltage errordue to the output ripple.The 2 Apk sink/source linear regulator providesthe memory termination voltage with fast loadtransient response.The device is full compliant with system sleepstates S3 and S4/S5, providing LDO output highimpedance in Suspend-To-RAM and TrackingDischarge of all outputs in Suspend-To-Disk.


  • Switching section (VDDQ)– 4.5 V to 36 V input voltage range– 0.9 V, ±1% voltage reference– 1.8 V (DDR2) or 1.5 V (DDR3) fixed outputvoltages– 0.9 V to 2.6 V adjustable output voltage– 1.237 V ±1% reference voltage available– Very fast load transient response usingconstant-on-time control loop– No RSENSE current sensing using low sideMOSFETs' RDS(ON)– Negative current limit– Latched OVP and UVP– Soft-start internally fixed at 3 ms– Selectable pulse skipping at light load– selectable no-audible (33 kHz) pulse skipmode– Ceramic output capacitors supported– Output voltage ripple compensation
  • VTT LDO and VTTREF– 2 Apk LDO with foldback for VTT– Remote VTT sensing– High-Z VTT output in S3– Ceramic output capacitors supported– ±15 mA Low noise buffered reference

Typical applications

  • Digital TV system
  • DDR2/3 memory supply
  • SSTL18, SSTL15 and HSTL bus termination