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IC-Hersteller Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies ICE5GSAG

18 W adapter power supply for set-top box using ICE5GSAG and IPN70R1K2P7S


Eingangsspannung115 V
Schaltfrequenz125 kHz
Ausgang 112 V / 1.5 A


This document is a reference design for an 18 W adapter power supply for a set-top box with the latest fifthgenerationInfineon Fixed Frequency (FF) controller (ICE5GSAG) and CoolMOS™ P7 (IPN70R1K2P7S). The powersupply is designed with a universal input compatible with most geographic regions, and an isolated output (+12V/1.5 A) on a single-layer PCB.Highlights of the adapter for a set-top box are:- Up to 18 W continuous output power in a universal input voltage range design- High average efficiency and low standby power to meet the European Union’s Code of Conduct (CoC)Version 5 Tier 2 single-voltage external AC-DC power supply basic-voltage requirements- Comprehensive protection feature controller in DSO-8 package and high ESD ruggedness 700 V CoolMOS™P7 superjunction MOSFET- Auto-restart protection scheme to minimize interruption and enhance end-user experience


  • 125kHz maximum switching frequency
  • Brown in protection, fast and robust start-up operation with cascode configuration
  • 3 level selectable entry/exit active burst mode profile (optional)
  • Built-in digital soft-start
  • Cycle by cycle peak current limitation
  • Support both DCM and CCM operation with slope compensation
  • Integrated error amplifier to support direct feedback typical with non-isolated flyback topology
  • Digital frequency reduction with decreasing load for higher efficiency
  • Adjustable line input over voltage protection (optional)
  • VCC and CS pin short to ground protection
  • OLP, output short, OTP with hysteresis and VCC over/under voltage protection
  • Auto-restart for all protection features

Typische Anwendungen

  • Offline aux SMPS for server, PC power, aircon, refrigerator and audio / Offline main SMPS for adapter, set-top-box, water purifier, TV, industrial SMPS and POE

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