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Welcome to Würth Elektronik in India

Welcome to Würth Elektronik in India

Würth Elektronik Group

Manufacturer, Supplier & Partner

Printed Circuit Boards, Intelligent Supply and Control Systems and Systems Engineering

Würth Elektronik India, your number 1 partner for PCB and PCB based solutions.

We provide One stop solution to our customers, right from concept to Box build through our most competent Project management and CAD, CAM engineers. We are also engaged in sales of medium and large volume PCBs of various Technologies. Our Innovative PCB based solutions for power boards, display and control panels and electronic controls (ICCS) brings leaps and bounds to automotive industry.

Our Service Areas

Overview PCB

Printed Circuit Boards

Wuerth Elektronik CBT India is the leading Technology Printed Circuit Board supplier for various Electronic Industries, Developers and Manufacturers. We provide Printed Circuit Board as well as solutions starting with Layout Design, Signal Integrity Analysis and Consulting on system level Thermal optimisations.

The ever miniaturisation endeavour is still unbroken. At Wuerth Elektronik we provide PCBs with Max number of components and connections per Sq. Inch.

Our very popular HDI board services provides opportunity for customers to relook at their design capabilities.

If you are in need for better PCB services and solution provider, your search stops here.

We can provide you with printed circuit boards in the following technologies: Single Sided, Double sided, Multilayer, Rigid-Flex, Microvia HDI, Impedance Control, Thermal Management, Special Technologies can be taken on case to case basis

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System Engineering Division

System Engineering provides services in the area of  PCB design and Analysis, Library Management, Thermal Management, Mechanical CAD. 

Our Domain experts specializes in High speed, High power, Pure Flex, Flexrigid. 

Our trained and qualified staff verifies, confirms and certifies adhering to the specifications and in accordance to the IPC standards. We have focussed expertise in the area of Telecom and Automotive segments with in-depth knowledge of designing PCB’s for various compliance standards.

We live in a high speed digital age where Signal Integrity and Power Integrity is necessary to ensure digital designs are right at the first time.

What is important? Which tools should be used for which scenarios? And most more importantly, How do you build a system models and interpret the results? Are your board level EMI/EMC aspects considered!!!

If you want the above challenges to be addressed then we are the right partner for you.

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Intelligent Power and Control Systems

Wuerth Elektronik India - ICS (Intelligent Power and Control Systems) Headquartered in Mysore is one of the fastest growing divisions of Wuerth Elektronik India.

Wuerth Elektronik ICS offers printed circuit board - based solutions for power boards, display and control panels and electronic controls (ICCS). The company supports its customers in industry and the automotive market from the initial idea to serial production of the product and beyond. Our goal is to generate the competitive edge for our customers with our expertise and competence, by offering custom-made PCB solutions in the following areas:

Power management and Controls. 

We always cooperate closely with our customers during development. Wuerth Elektronik ICS has a team of qualified staff ready to turn your product ideas into reality. Our Sales and Field Application Engineers (FAEs) can also support you on site.

Our aim is to achieve stable, long-term and successful partnerships both with our customers and our suppliers.

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Computer Aided Data Optimisation

Every PCB designers has a difficulty to understand manufacturers requirement! Equally so manufacturers can’t appreciate designers constraints. The midway is to establish a process which can liaison, represent manufacturers and also understands designers technically.

The cost driven approach compelled manufacturers to look for reliable, cost effective Front End Engineering services elsewhere. Fewer manufacturers were self-sufficient with in house sourcing, rest looked out for partnering with CAM service houses thus leveraging Technological skills and reduce cost and spare time for critical and time consuming process.

Wuerth Elektronik being both manufacturer and designer for Printed Circuit Boards also the being consumer, we understand the complete life cycle better than anyone else in the market.

Wuerth Elektronik has over 500 man years of CAM experience with expertise in,

Data handling, Performing DFM, DRC checks, CNC program generation, Stackup design, Signal Integrity check

Printed Circuit Boards


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The protection of our customers, partners, employees as well as our values are our top priority. For this reason, it is important to be aware of any compliance violations in good time. If you have any questions or concerns, such as violations of guidelines or laws, please contact us via the reporting channels listed below or check out the compliance page.



The Wuerth Elektronik We Mill Project in India is a social business initiative, started in November 2019 by Würth Elektronik India Pvt.Ltd. The goal is to facilitate a group of tribal women to develop value added products from ragi millet and additional cereals and to link them to the nearest markets.

The new tribal social entrepreneurs will benefit through income generation opportunities, development of regional economy (non-urban centric economy) apart from sustaining and increasing ragi production. The project aims to provide rural women involved in production with a sustainable livelihood.

The Wuerth Elektronik We Mill Project has been crafted and implemented by our cooperation partner GRAAM, Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement.

Learn more about the CSR initiative of Wuerth Elektronik India

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