20. September 2022

More powerful UV-C LEDs for sterilization applications

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Würth Elektronik LED offer: WL-SUMW and WL-SUTW

Waldenburg (Germany), September 20, 2022—Würth Elektronik presents new products in the field of optoelectronics: The manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components expands the WL-SUMW series with more powerful UV-C LEDs for sterilization applications and introduces UV-A LEDs with particularly low height under the designation WL-SUTW, which are used in horticulture.

The new components, like the entire range, are available immediately from stock and are also provided as free samples. Light distribution can be simulated using Rayfiles which can be downloaded from the online catalog as an additional service.

Powerful UV-C LEDs

The WL-SUMW product series from Würth Elektronik has been expanded to include two 275 nm UV-C LEDs, with higher optical powers of 20 and 50 mW. The UV-C LEDs can be used for sterilization, surface disinfection, water and air purification, among other applications.

The basics of disinfection with UV-C are explained in Application Note ANO008: Disinfection with UV-C LEDs.

New UV-A LED product series

The new WL-SUTW product series of UV-A LEDs is offered in the flat SMD design PLCC2 package and is available with wavelengths from 365nm to 405 nm. Typical applications for the UV-A LEDs include UV curing, sensing and counterfeit detection. In addition, the product range can also be used for special horticulture applications.

Wurth Elektronik provides comprehensive information on the subject of plant cultivation with LEDs and special light recipes on its Horticulture web page. Interested parties can also find application notes with detailed information below:

ANO002: LEDs - The future of horticulture lighting and

ANO003: Advantages of LED lighting in horticulture applications.