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LCD Board for Wireless Power Transfer 200 W Development Kit

Order Code 760308EMPLCD


  • Würth Elektronik and Infineon jointly offer a complete and ready-to-use wireless power system. With the 200W Development Kit (760 308 EMP) and the add-on LCD Board (760 308 EMP LCD) you can discover the advantages of this technology for yourself and easily integrate it into your product design.

The Wireless Power Kit with the add-on LCD board provides these added values:

  • Plug & Play 200 W Wireless Power Development Kit, Extended Medium Power Solution
  • Complete solution consisting of a transmitter, a receiver board and LCD Board
  • The receiver board can be connected to, for example Würth sensor WSEN PADS board 2511223013391, and sensor data can be transferred through the receiver to the transmitter board.
  • At the LCD board the data can be controlled
  • The data can be passed to the various wireless connectivity evaluation boards
  • IIoT system can be realized
  • Flexible and modular approach for fast integration of wireless power in your product design


  • Drones, robotic lawn mowers and power tools
  • Industry 4.0 and IoT
  • Industrial applications
  • Devices in a medical environment
  • Devices with a large number of mating cycles to avoid connector damage

Download Files

Here you can download all important documents of the development kit with one click: Application Note ANP070, BOM, Gerber Files, Schematic, Layout and current Firmware.

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