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Onsemi ECS640A | Demoboard STR-ECS640A-GEVB

STR-ECS640A-GEVB Evaluation Board


TopologyMotor Drive
Input voltage24-230 V
Output 12.6 A
IC revision1


This user manual provides practical guidelines for the evaluationboard with the new onsemi ecoSpin motor controller ECS640A and its main features, which are Arm® Cortex®−M0+ microcontroller,embedded gate drivers, operational amplifiers and bootstrap diodes.This module may be configured for the control of sinusoidal or trapezoidal motors and its default software enables some basic capabilities when used with the Strata Developer Studio. An isolated J−link on−board circuit is available for the user.The board was developed to support customers during their first steps designing applications with the ECS640A configurable motor control system. The design was tested as described in this document but not qualified regarding safety requirements or manufacturing and operation over the entire operating temperature range or lifetime. The board is intended for functional testing under laboratory conditions and by trained specialists only


  • Single ECS640A Packaged Device, containing Logic Controller, Gate−drivers and Operational Amplifiers
  • Output Power up to 650 W
  • Voltage−doubler enables Bus Configuration for 110 V or 220 V Input Voltages
  • Configurable Motor Control Methods for Trapezoidal or Vector−oriented (FOC and DTFC) Motor Applications
  • Isolated J−link On−board
  • Power Stage Inverter composed of 6 onsemi IGBTs (FGPF15N60UNDF)
  • User−friendly GUI. ecoSpin Motor Controller Interface is a GUI designed to do Fine Tuning in Motor Control Applications
  • NCP10970 DC/DC Converter designed to provide both 15 VDC (Buck Topology) and 3.3 VDC (Embedded LDO)

Typical applications

  • Three−Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Sensorless Motor Control, Three−Phase Brushless DC (BLDC) Sensor Based Motor Control