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Texas Instruments BQ24232RGTR | Demoboard TIDA-01614

Multiparameter front end reference design for vital signs patient monitor


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IC revisionE1


This reference design is for a multiparameter front end of a patient monitor that measures vital sign parameters like ECG, heart rate, SpO2 and respiration.it uses biosensing front end integrated circuits like the AFE4403 and ADS1292R devices, to measure these parameters. It also uses three TMP117 sensors to accurately measure skin temperature. This design can interface with the pace detection module to detect the pace pulse. The design also uses an isolated UART connection to transfer data to a computer. The entire front end subsytem runs on a rechargeable 3.7V li ion battery.


  • Monitors ECG, Heart rate, SpO2, respiration rate and skin temperature
  • Uses biosensing front end AFE4403 for SpO2 and heart rate measurement, and ADS1292R for ECG and respiration measurement.
  • Supports up to three LEDs and three photodiodes with ambient subtraction to improve signal to noise ratio for SpO2 and heart rate measurement. Single lead ECG measurement with RLD
  • Supports three 0.1 Celsius accurate sensors to measure the skin temperature
  • Interfaces to pace detection module(software configurable cardiac pacemaker detection module reference design ) to enable pacemaker detection
  • Enables data transfer over isolated UART interfaceRuns on a one cell Li Ion rechargeable battery

Typical applications

  • Bluetooth™ Devices
  • Low-Power Handheld Devices