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Silicon Laboratory Inc. EZR32HG320F64R68G-B0 | Demoboard BRD4546A

EZR32HG Direct Tie WSTK Radio Board


TopologyOther Topology
IC revisionA00


The EZR32HG family of Wireless MCUs deliver a high performance,low energy wireless solution integrated into a small formfactor package.By combining a high performance sub-GHz RF transceiver with an energy efficient 32-bit MCU, the family provides designers the ultimate in flexibility with a family of pincompatibledevices that scale from 32/64 kB of flash and support Silicon LaboratoriesEZRadio or EZRadioPRO transceivers. The ultra-low power operating modes and fastwake-up times of the Silicon Laboratories energy friendly 32-bit MCUs, combined withthe low transmit and receive power consumption of the sub-GHz radio, result in a solutionoptimized for battery powered applications.To develop and/or evaluate the EZR32 Happy Gecko the EZR32HG Radio Board canbe connected to the Wireless Starter Kit Mainboard to get access to display, buttonsand additional features from Expansion Boards.


Wireless MCU: EZR32HG320F256R68G

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