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Semtech TS13501 | Demoboard TS13501EVM

Neo‐IsoTM Solid State Relay


TopologyOther Topology
Switching frequency75-1000 kHz


TS13501 is a bi‐directional blocking 36V power DC or AC switch device which offers galvanic isolation between the control system and load. The device includes integrated 240mΩ 36V switch allowing high efficiency switching of power loads or other high current applications. The differential input controls the state of the switch by way of a transient‐immune serialprotocol.The TS13501 includes an over‐current protection feature. Load current is monitored when the switch is in on state, notifying the system microcontroller of over‐current faults by way of the STAT status pin.


  • Supports DC and AC systems
  • Switch to Controller scalable galvanic isolation
  • Differential signaling interface for transient‐immune differential serial protocol
  • Device powered via galvanically‐isolated interface
  • CLK/NCLK. No power rail needed VGG for decoupling cap only
  • Switch Characteristics ◦Bi‐directional blocking in OFF state
    • Single 36V switch, 240mΩ RDS(on)
    • Up to 1A operating current
    • Steady‐state over‐current protection, 1.5A nominal
    • Inrush current tolerant for 40ms, 3A nominal
  • Transient protection for SW1 and SW2:
    • IEC 61000‐4‐2 (ESD) ±24kV (air), ±16kV (contact)
    • IEC 61000‐4‐4 (EFT) 40A (5/50ns) level 4
    • IEC 61000‐4‐5 (Surge/Lightning) 80V with 2Ω internal impedance (1.2/50μs)

Typical applications

  • Intrusion alarm sensors
  • Fire Safety Applications / Automatic door controls / Industrial control
  • Power load/rail switching / Input supply multiplexing

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