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JoulWatt JW5213 | Demoboard EV5213_S0_R0

3A, 6V Synchronous Step-Down Converter Evaluation Board


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage2.5-6 V
Output 11.8 V / 3 A
IC revision0.1


The JW®5213 is a current mode monolithic buckswitching regulator. Operating with an input rangeof 2.5V-6V, the JW5213 delivers 3A of continuousoutput current with integrated P-Channel andN-Channel MOSFETs


  • Parameters Subject to Change Without Notice
  • EV5213_S0_R0 Rev.0.1 JoulWatt Proprietary Information. -Patent Protected. 1
  • Unauthorized Photocopy and Duplication Prohibited.
  • FEATURES -2.5V to 6V operating input range -Up to 3A output current -Up to 95% peak efficiency -Internal Soft-Start -1MHz switching frequency -Input under voltage lockout -Short circuit latch off protection -Over voltage latch off protection -Thermal protection -Hot-plug in protection -Output POK indication -Available in DFN2X2-8package

Typical applications

  • Set Top Boxes
  • 5V or 3.3V Point of Load Conversion
  • Telecom/Networking Systems
  • GPU/DDR Power Supply
  • Storage Equipment