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AnDAPT Inc AmP8D6QF74 | Demoboard AnD8300EB


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage12 V
Output 11.2 V / 6 A
IC revision4


The AmP™ device is an FPGA based platform for creating a custom Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC). The AmP device is customized by adding available Power Components designs based on system requirements. AmP device customization is as easy as using WebAmp™ application software to produce a customized PMIC in a very short period of time. AmP devices can be used to power FPGAs, Processors, Microcontrollers, and ASICs by integrating multiple power rails into single chip designs. The AmP device input voltage range is 4.5V to 20V. The AmP device is targeted for wall-powered applications or 2S-4S Li-Ion battery packs. AmP devices have up to 4 additional integrated LDOs of which two are fixed output voltages (3.3V and 1.2V) and two are user programmable.


  • Enables On-Demand power management
  • Integrate application targeted Power Components
  • Power Blocks for a variety of topologies
    • Scalable Integrated N-channel MOSFETs (SIM)
    • Current sense for protection, telemetry, regulation
    • Build Switching topologies - Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost
    • Build Linear topologies - LDO, Load Switch
    • Build Mixed topologies - Battery Charger
    • Build BLDC (Motor Control) topologies – H-Bridge
  • Sensor Blocks, sensing voltages and currents
    • Regulation, protection and telemetry
    • Adaptive Digitizer (ADi)
    • Threshold Comparators (ThC)
    • Summation Amplifier (SuM)
    • Noise-Immune Reference (Nref) Array
  • Analog fabric connectivity for sensor signals
  • Digital μLogic fabric connectivity: Analog/Digital Blocks
    • Analog and Digital GPIOs, LUTs for logic & Interface
    • Integrated Compensator RAM (CRAM)
    • On-demand POL control loops and interfaces
    • Precision Modulation Timer Array
  • Industry first: Analog Proficiency – Digital Flexibility

Typical applications

  • Power Component Integrator / Digital power management IC / Battery Charger

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