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Analog Devices ADP1850 | Demoboard UG-205

Evaluation Board for the ADP1850DP Step-Down DC-to-DC Controller


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage10-15 V
Output 11.09 V / 50 A
IC revisionA


This document describes the design, operation, and test results of the ADP1850DP-EVALZ operating in dual-phase mode. The input range for this evaluation board is 10 V to 15 V, and the regulated output voltage is 1.09 V with a maximum 50 A output current. A switching frequency (fSW) of 300 kHz is chosen to achieve a good balance between efficiency and the sizes of the power components.


FEATURESInput range: 10 V to 15 VOutput voltage: 1.09 VOutput current: 50 ASwitching frequency: 300 kHzOperates in PWMCompact, low cost, and efficient design