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Analog Devices ADP1074 | Demoboard ADP1074-5.5V-EBZ

Isolated, Synchronous Forward Controller with Active Clamp and iCoupler


TopologyForward Converter
Input voltage36-60 V
Switching frequency50-600 kHz
Output 15.5 V / 12 A
IC revision1


The ADP1074-5.5V-EBZ evaluation board allows the user to evaluate the ADP1074 in a power supply application. The evaluation board delivers a rated current of 12 A in a steady state from an input voltage range of 36 V dc to 60 V dc. For full details on theADP1074, refer to the ADP1074 data sheet. Consult the data sheet when using the ADP1074-5.5V-EBZ.


  • Full support evaluation kit for the ADP1074 active clamp forward topology
  • 5.5 V output voltage
  • 12 A rated current
  • Programmable light load mode
  • Integrated driver for primary side MOSFET and secondary side synchronous rectifier
  • External reference signal tracking
  • Precision enable undervoltage lockout (UVLO) with hysteresis
  • Protection features such as short-circuit, output overvoltage, and overtemperature protection
  • Cycle-by-cycle input overcurrent protection
  • Frequency synchronization
  • Soft start and soft stop functionality

Typical applications

  • industrial
  • Isolated dc-to-dc power conversion / Intermediate bus voltage generation
  • Telecom / Base station and antenna RF power