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IC-Hersteller Texas Instruments

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Texas Instruments BQ25898 | Demoboard PMP15011

Cascade Dual Charger Reference Design for 1S Li-Ion Battery-Powered End Equipment


Eingangsspannung4.5-14 V
Ausgang 14.2 V / 5 A


Smartphones and other handheld devices with 3AHr+ 1S Li-Ion batteries require 3 A of charger current or greater for fast charging. Parallel chargers allow for high-charge current which result in shorter charge time, which simultaneously distribute the heat losses across the end-equipment PCB, thereby preventing hotspots. This design uses a cascade configuration with the PMID pin of a master charger connected to the VBUS pin of a slave charger; the input current limit management is handled through a master charger, which simplifies software development.


  • Master Charger: Provides System Power, Charging Current, Supplement Mode, Temperature Profile and 2.4-A USB On-the-Go Boost Current in 4×4-mm QFN Package
  • Slave Charger: Exclusively Provides Extra-Fast Charge Current, up to 3 A in 2.8×2.5-mm WCSP Package
  • Innovative Input Source Detection and Current Optimizer (ICO) with Input Dynamic Power Management (DPM)
  • Integrated 7-Bit ADC for Battery and Adaptor Monitoring

Typische Anwendungen

  • Smartphones/ Tablets/ Portable Media Players/ Other Portable Handheld Equipment with 3AHr+ 1S Li-Ion Batteries

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