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IC-Hersteller STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics A5972D

Up to 1.5 A step down switching regulator for automotive applications


Eingangsspannung4-36 V


The A5972D is a step-down monolithic power switching regulator with a minimum switch current limit of 1.8 A so it is able to deliver up to 1.5 A DC current to the load depending on the application conditions. The output voltage can be set from 1.235 V to VIN.

The device uses an internal P-channel DMOS transistor (with a typical RDS(on)of 250 mΩ) as a switching element to minimize the size of the external components.

An internal oscillator fixes the switching frequency at 250 kHz. Having a minimum input voltage of 4 V only it fits the automotive applications requiring the device operation even in cold crank conditions. A pulse-by-pulse current limit with the internal frequency modulation offers an effective constant current short-circuit protection.


 Qualified following the AEC-Q100requirements (see PPAP for more details)

  • 1.5 A DC output current
  • Operating input voltage from 4 V to 36 V
  • 3.3 V / (± 2%) reference voltage
  • Output voltage adjustable from 1.235 V to VIN
  • Low dropout operation: 100% duty cycle
  • 250 kHz internally fixed frequency
  • Voltage feed-forward
  • Zero load current operation
  • Internal current limiting
  • Inhibit for zero current consumption
  • Protection against feedback disconnection
  • Thermal shutdownREMARKS:-Inductor selection

Typische Anwendungen

  • Dedicated to automotive applications

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