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IC-Hersteller Renesas

IC-Hersteller (84)

Renesas ISL80019

Compact Synchronous Buck Regulators


Eingangsspannung2.7-5.5 V
Schaltfrequenz850-1150 kHz
Ausgang 13.3 V / 1.5 A


ISL8002, ISL8002A, ISL80019 and ISL80019A are highlyefficient, monolithic, synchronous step-down DC/DC convertersthat can deliver up to 2A of continuous output current from a 2.7Vto 5.5V input supply. They use peak current mode controlarchitecture to allow very low duty cycle operation. They operateat either 1MHz or 2MHz switching frequency, thereby providingsuperior transient response and allowing for the use of smallinductors. They also have excellent stability and provide bothinternal and external compensation options.ISL8002, ISL8002A, ISL80019 and ISL80019A integrate very lowrDS(ON) MOSFETs in order to maximize efficiency. In addition,since the high side MOSFET is a PMOS, the need for a Bootcapacitor is eliminated, thereby reducing external componentcount. They can operate at 100% duty cycle (at 1MHz) with adropout of 200mV at 2A output current.These devices can be configured for either PFM (discontinuousconduction) or PWM (continuous conduction) operation at lightload. PFM provides high efficiency by reducing switching losses atlight loads and PWM reduces noise susceptibility and RFinterference.These devices are offered in a space saving 8 pin 2mmx2mmTDFN lead free package with exposed pad for improved thermalperformance. The complete converter occupies less than0.10in2 area.


VIN range 2.7V to 5.5V

  • VOUT range is 0.6V to VIN
  • IOUT maximum is 1.5A or 2A (see Table 1 on page 3)
  • Switching frequency is 1MHz or 2MHz (see Table 1 on
  • page 3)
  • Internal or external compensation option
  • Selectable PFM or PWM operation option
  • Overcurrent and short circuit protection
  • Over-temperature/thermal protection
  • VIN Undervoltage Lockout and VOUT Overvoltage Protection
  • Up to 95% peak efficiency

Typische Anwendungen

  • General purpose point of load DC/DC
  • FPGA power
  • cable modems
  • DVD, HDD drives, LCD panels, TV
  • Set-top boxes

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