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IC-Hersteller Qorvo

IC-Hersteller (84)

Qorvo ACT86600QM101 | Demoboard ACT86600EVK1-101

Hybrid PMIC for Enterprise Storage and Computing


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The Evaluation Tool Users Guide describes the characteristics and operation of the Qorvo ACT86600EVK1-101 evaluation kit (EVK). It provides setup and operation instructions, schematic, layout, BOM, and test data.To communicate with the EVK a USB Dongle and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided.This EVK demonstrates the ACT86600 ActivePMU power management IC.


  • PMIC Containing 4X 12V High Current Regulators, 1X HV Buck-Boost Regulator and 1X 5.0V Mini-Buck Regulator
  • Multi-Phase option for Buck 1-2 and Buck 3-4 that can be combined for high output current up to 12A and 8A respectively
  • High efficiency Buck regulators with programmable output voltage. Output voltage range from 0.6 - 5.2V
  • Programmable switching frequency to optimize inductor size, dynamic transient response or regulator efficiency
  • Integrated System functions such as I2C Controlled parameters like output voltage, current, sequencing, monitoring, interrupts etc.

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