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IC-Hersteller O2 Micro International Ltd

O2 Micro International Ltd OZ8027A

Intelligent Lighting Family Product Guide


Eingangsspannung85-265 V
Ausgang 123 V / 0.3 A


The OZ8027 is a primary side control, LED driver controller. It can be used inhigh power factor AC/DC converter applications.Each IC operates ata fixed frequency of 50kHz with discontinuous current mode in flyback circuit topology.

OZ8027 works with neon indicators in a traditional wall switch, without interference.


  • OZ8027A: Three-level analog dimming control using wall switch
  • Primary side control, AC/DC converter controller
  • High power factor with wide range input voltage
  • Constant current output
  • Fixed operation frequency
  • Built-in high-voltage startup circuit
  • Compatible with neon indicators in wall switch
  • Provides complete protection functions:

    -VDD over-voltage

    -VDD under-voltage lockout with h ysteresis

    -Open and Short LED

    -Primary side cycle-by-cycle current limit

    -Maximum gate drive output clamp


Typische Anwendungen

  • General Lighting

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