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IC-Hersteller NXP

NXP MC33816 | Demoboard KIT33816FRDMEVM

SD6 Programmable Solenoid Controller with Freedom KL25Z


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The KIT33816FRDMEVM Evaluation Board (EVB) is an easy-to-use circuit board that allows you to exercise all the functions of the NXP® MC33816 direct injection pre-driver circuit. A PC communicates via USB to the EVB through a freedom board FRDM-KL25Z used as a SPIdongle. The NXP SPIGen (version 7.1 and above) program provides the user interface to the MC33816 SPI port and allows you to program the Code RAM and Data Registers, send commands to the IC and receive status from the IC.


  • KIT33816FRDMEVM Features
  • MC33816 Direct Injection Predriver Integrated Circuit
  • FRDM-KL25Z for SPI communication and IO control
  • Power-conditioning circuitry
  • External MOSFETs used to control 4 injectors and 2 fuel pump
  • DC-DC control
    • 12 V VBAT supply provides the power to the two internal voltage regulators, VCCP and VCCP2.5.
  • MC33816 Features
  • Battery voltage range, 5.5 < VBATT < 32 V
  • Predrive operating voltage up to 72 V
  • High side/low side predrive PWM capability up to 100 kHz (30 nCoulomb)
  • All predrivers have four selectable slew rates
  • Eight selectable, predefined VDS monitoring thresholds
  • Encryption for microcode protection

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