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IC-Hersteller Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies ICL8201 | Demoboard AN-REF-ICL8201_GU10

7.5W 180mA Single Stage Floating Buck LED (GU10) Converter with ICL8201 & IPU50R3K0CE


Eingangsspannung90-265 V
Ausgang 147 V / 0.18 A


This application note is an engineering report of GU10 LED lamp reference design for universal input 7.5W 180mA converter. The converter is using ICL8201 (SOT23-6-1), average current controlled, non-isolatedsingle stage buck topology in cascode structure LED driver and IPU50R3K0CE (IPAK), a CE series of high voltage power CoolMOS™.With this cascode structure, system can achieve fast IC start up without the need to use a costly depletion MOSFET or alternatively a low cost start up resistor that causes continuous power losses during normal operation. This reference design is a single stage design with high efficiency and powerfactor, critical conduction operation mode with single choke(without auxiliary winding), truly regulated output current over a wide input and output voltage range, good EMI performance and various modes of protections for high reliability with minimum external components.