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IC-Hersteller Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies ICL8002G-B2



Eingangsspannung90-132 V
Schaltfrequenz80-100 kHz
Ausgang 138 V / 0.3 A


ICL8002G is a quasi-resonant PWM controller specially designed for high efficient offline LED driving application. It can be configured for different topologies such as flyback and buck converter. This document illustrates the ICL8002G in dimmable LED bulb application using the non-isolated buck topology. The ICL8002G IC’s quasi-resonant operation mode, precise cycle-by-cycle peak current control, integrated PFC and phase-cut dimming control, and various protections make it an outstanding system solution for dimmable LED bulbs.The ICL8002G non-isolated bulb demo board shows high efficiency and power factor with single stage design. Damping and bleeder circuit blocks were added to achieve high compatibility with wide range of dimmers. The output current is well regulated over a wide input and output voltage range. Its compact form factor makes it easy to fit into many LED lamp shapes and sizes.Other available demo boards for ICL8001G/ICL8002G are designed with isolated flyback topology. If galvanic isolation is not required, a non-isolated buck topology can be used with the following advantages:• Lower PCBA BOM cost due to less costly power inductor and lower voltage rated MOSFET• Smaller form factor due to more compact size of the power inductorThis demo board can be ordered with the sales code EVALLED-ICL8002G-B2.


    • Smooth dimming curve with high dimmer compatibility
    • High efficiency (>86%)
    • High power factor (>0.95) with low THD (<20%)
    • Small form factor (40mm x 20mm x 25mm)
    • Quasi-resonant floating buck operation
    • Precise cycle-by-cycle peak current control
    • Integrated start-up power cell and built-in digital soft-start
    • Comprehensive protection functions
    • Low system BOM cost for dimmable bulbs

Typische Anwendungen

  • Dimmable LED lamps / bulbs

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