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Infineon Technologies ICE2QS03G

Off-Line SMPS Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller with integrated 500V startup cell in DSO8


Eingangsspannung90-264 V
Ausgang 119 V / 1.84 A


ICE2QS03G is a quasi-resonant PWM controller optimized for off-line switch power supply. The digital frequency reduction with decreasing load enables a quasi-resonant operation till very low load. As a result, the overall system efficiency is significantly improved compared to other conventional solutions. The active burst mode operation enables ultra-low power consumption at standby mode with small and controllable outputvoltage ripple. Based on the BiCMOS technology, the product has a wide operation range (up to 25V) of IC power supply and lower power consumption. The numerous protection functions give a full protection of the power supply system in failure situations. All of these make the ICE2QS03G an outstanding controller for quasiresonant flyback converter in the market.


  • Quasi resonant operation till very low load
  • Active burst mode operation at light/no load for low standby input power (< 100mW)
  • Digital frequency reduction with decreasing load
  • Startup cell for VCC pre-charging with constant current
  • Built-in digital soft-start
  • Foldback correction and cycle-by-cycle peak current limitation
  • Auto restart mode for VCC Over-voltage protection, VCC Under-voltage protection and open loop/over-loadprotection
  • Latch-off mode for adjustable output over-voltage protection and short-winding protection

Typische Anwendungen

  • Adapter/Charger
  • Auxiliary power supply for CRT TV, LCD TV, PC, Server, Printer, TV, Home theater/Audio System, etc.
  • LCD monitor, DVD R/W, DVD Combo, Blue-ray/DVD player, Set-top box,

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