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Infineon Technologies ICE2QS03G | Demoboard AN-REF-35W ADAPTER

35W 19V Adapter Reference Board wi th ICE2QS03G, IPD60R600P6 BAS21-03W & 2N7002


Eingangsspannung90-264 V
Ausgang 119 V / 1.84 A


This application note is an engineering report of a very small form factor reference design for universal input 35W 19V adapter. The adapter is using ICE2QS03G, a second generation current mode control quasi-resonant flyback topology controller and IPD60R600P6, a seventh generation of high voltage power CoolMOS™. The distinguishing features of this reference design are very small form factor, best in class low standby power, high efficiency, good EMI performance and various modes of protection for high reliable system.


Quasi resonant operation till very low loadActive burst mode operation at light/no load for low standby input power (< 100mW)Digital frequency reduction with decreasing loadHV startup cell with constant charging currentBuilt-in digital soft-startFoldback correction and cycle-by-cycle peak current limitationAuto restart mode for VCC Overvoltage protectionAuto restart mode for VCC Undervoltage protectionAuto restart mode for Overload /Openloop protectionAuto restart mode for Over temperature protectionLatch-off mode for adjustable output overvoltage protectionLatch-off mode for Short Winding

Typische Anwendungen

  • Adapter

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