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16. December 2022

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Inside the BattleBots Arena - the fighting cage and bright blue and red lights

Watertown (USA), December 6, 2022—Würth Elektronik is pleased to announce that it will be a major sponsor of Team Uairrior and their fighting robot, Black Dragon, as they compete in the BattleBots Season 7 Tournament on The Discovery Channel in January 2023.

Würth Elektronik, a global electronic and electromachnical manufacturer, is excited to be part of the action where real robotics education and knowledge is put to the test. With robots becoming more prevalent in everyday living, this sponsorship offers real access to the industry.

“When we decided to partner with a fighting robot team, we knew we wanted Team Uairrior. Our focus on students and engineering education made this student-run team the perfect fit. They have the a lot of spirit, positive attitude, and a great reputation,“ says Melissa Hansen, Customer Outreach Specialist on the Marketing Department at Würth Elektronik. „We’ve received a lot of support, not only from our colleagues who are super excited to sponsor a BattleBot, but we even had people cheer on Black Dragon when we walked down the road in Las Vegas!“

Black Dragon, the 250 pound fighting robot with an egg beater spinner as a weapon, made it’s televised debut in 2019; taking home the championship trophy of the competition.

But Wait, There’s More!

Black Dragon is not the only robot to don the Würth Elektronik name in 2022 / 2023. In total, 28 fighting robots will be emblazoned with the electronic manufacturing giants‘ logo, along with multiple autonomous robots that compete in both the Sumo and the Follow Line categories. Team Uairrior has a fighting robot for all weight divisions, including bot Kowalski, the current champion in the Fairyweight (150 grams or 0.3 lbs.) division; bot Bacon, current champion in the Antweight (454 grams or 1 lbs.) division; Federal, world champion in the Lightweight (27.7 kilo or 60 lbs.) division; and General, world champion in the Middleweight (54.4 kilo or 120 lbs.) division.

This is not the first time Würth Elektronik has been on the fighting robot circuit. In 2017, they sponsored the AVC SparkFun robotics competition at Maker Faire in Denver, Colorado.

Along with a financial sponsorship, Würth Elektronik offers technical assistance to the team through their expert engineering staff, and free samples delivered upon request.


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