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Connected. No Matter the Conditions. Circular Connectors by Würth Elektronik

Circular Connectors M12

Be Connected. No Matter the Conditions.

Discover high-quality circular connectors designed for demanding environments. With its ingress protection, our connectors ensure reliable connections for applications such as fieldbus, actuators/sensors, and robotics.

With its PCB, cable, and solder variants, along with additional service options, our versatile M12 connectors allow you to tailor your connections to your exact requirements, enabling seamless integration and optimal performance. Ready to Design-In? Take advantage of personal technical support and free samples ex-stock.

Circular Connectors Portfolio

Discover our M12 circular connector portfolio

Panel Connector

The portfolio f manel mouted M12 A-coded circular connectors includes:

  • THT soldered male & female PCB versions as horizontal and vertical types

  • Panel Mount Cable solutions with solder buckets or pre-wired solutions

  • All parts available as metal & plastic types with

  • panel cuts: PG9, M12 and M16 and

  • Polarities: 4, 5 and 8

  • IP68 ingress protection

Cable Assembly

M12 A-coded cable assemblies available as single ended solution:

  • straight and angled
  • male & female
  • metal and plastic coupling nuts
  • metal coupling with shielding
  • Polarities: 4, 5 and 8
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • 2000 mm cable length

Custom cable solutions available on request

Field Attachable Solder

Field attachable solder bucket solutions for highest flexibility in your application.

  • Field attachable
  • Flexible use for your application
  • Male & female
  • Metal and plastic coupling nuts
  • Polarities: 4, 5 and 8
  • IP68 ingress protection


I/O Link
USB 2.0
Industrial BUS Systems


M12 A-Coded in Ethernet-over-Twisted-Pair Physical Layer

Ethernet over Twisted Pair (EOTP) is one of the most important physical layers for Ethernet and a sizeable amount of industrial protocols work on the Ethernet data link and physical layers standards. However, the M12 are not the native connectors upon which the EOTP interface has been developed, but can be used in different adaptations like:

  • 10BASE-T
  • 100BASE-T
  • Higher BASE-T

I/O Link

M12 A-Coded in IO-Link Physical Layer

IO-Link is a standardized digital data transfer and power supply protocol between a programmable hub and sensors or actuators peripherals. M12 A-Coded connectors can be used for:

  • Class A with a 3-wire-cable and
  • Class B with a 5-wire-cable

USB 2.0

M12 A-Coded in USB 2.0 Physical Layer

The Universal Serial Bus is one of the most common connectivity layer on the market. USB in its 2.0 revision can be used as a power supply and high-speed data bus. M12 A-Coded circular connectors can be used to offer a mechanically sturdier ending to a USB 2.0 cable.

Industrial BUS Systems

M12 circular connectors are the ideal parts to go for all different types of industrial BUS systems:

  • CANbus
  • RS-485
  • RS-422
  • RS-423
  • RS-232

Service & Support

You need M12 A-Coded wire connectors with a dedicated cable length? Here is our service for customized cable solutions.

Custom Cable Length Single Ended

  • Our standard product with a cable length based on your needs

Custom Cable Length Double Ended

  • Standard connectors on both ends with cable length on your request

Colored Coupling Nut

  • For optical coding to ease assembling

Wire Length on Panel Connector

  • Standard panel connectors with cable length based on your request