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MaxLinear SP7648 | Demoboard SP7648EB

SP7648 Evaluation Board Manual


TopologyBoost Converter
Input voltage3-4.2 V
Output 13.6 V / 0.7 A


The SP7648 Evaluation Board is designed to help the user evaluate the performance of theSP7648 for use as a single/dual cell Alkaline or single cell Li-Ion to drive 1W LED. The output ofthe SP7648 is preset to +5V or can be adjusted from +2V to +5V by manipulating two externalresistors. The evaluation board is a completely assembled and tested surface mount boardwhich provides easy probe access points to all SP7648 Inputs and Outputs so that the user canquickly connect and measure electrical characteristics and waveforms.


􀂃 Easy Evaluation for theSP7648 Single or Dual CellAlkaline to 2V to 5V Output􀂃 Provides 700mA output at3.6V output for Li-Ion Input􀂃 High Efficiency: 94%􀂃 μSOIC Package & SMTcomponents for small, lowprofile Power Supply