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Anpec APW7435 | Demoboard Typical_Application_Circuit_2

18V Input, Dual 6A and 3A Synchronous Buck with Sync Pin


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage4.5-18 V
Output 16 A
IC revisionA.9


The APW7435 is a two-channel synchronous mode PWM converter with 6A continuous current capability for one channel and 3A continuous current capability for the other one.Each channel of the APW7435 has independent enable and soft-start control pins, and It also allows the two regulators to start together by using the same enable signal and the same soft-start capacitor. Although the switching frequency of the APW7435 is fixed at 600kHz, it can also change the switching frequency via the SYNC pin. The APW7435 also provides a 180-degree phase shifting technique to minimize switching noise. The output voltage of each channel can be adjusted using an external resistor divider. Other features include UVP, current limit,and OTP.The APW7435 is available in a TQFN4x4-28B package with small size and excellent thermal capacity.


  • Wide Input Voltage from 4.5V to 18V.
  • 6A/3A Output Current on Channel1/2.
  • Low IQ=150uA (typ.) per channel supply to improve Light Load Efficiency at Sync off.
  • Typical 0.6V ±1%Internal Reference Voltage.
  • Sync Pin Allows Synchronization to an External Clock from 500kHz to 2MHz.
  • Optimized Upper and Lower MOSFETs RDS_on for max Efficiency:
  • N-CH MOSFET (35 mΩ) for CH1 High Side.
  • N-CH MOSFET (20 mΩ) for CH1 Low Side.
  • N-CH MOSFET (75 mΩ) for CH2 High Side.
  • N-CH MOSFET (30 mΩ) for CH2 Low Side.
  • Independent External Soft-Start Control for each channel.
  • Separate EN and for Easy Sequencing.
  • PG pin indicating both Channels Power Good
  • Built in OVP, UVP, Current Limit and OTP.
  • Low Cost TQFN4x4-28B package.
  • Lead Free and Green Devices Available (RoHSCompliant).

Typical applications

  • WIFI access point, Digital Subscriber Line, Passive Optical Network, G.fast, Set-Top-Box

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