IC-Hersteller Silvertel

IC-Hersteller (87)

Silvertel AG312 | Demoboard EVALAg312

Wireless Power Modules


TopologieDrahtlose Energieübertragung
Eingangsspannung5 V


The Ag312 is a wireless power transmitter (A5 / A11) module; designed to work with the Ag301 or any other Qi compliant wireless power receiver, typically used in wireless charging applications.

With the increased use of mobile & portable devices, the Ag301 & Ag312 wireless power modules offer a wide range of benefits: -

There are no cables to get tangled and you don’t have the problem of having different plugs or sockets for various devices. There is no risk of electrical shock, as there are no exposed metal parts. Can be used in explosive environments as there are no contacts to cause sparks. This means that there is no contact degradation due to friction, corrosion or abrasion. The units can be completely sealed for use in harsh environments, as its operation is not affected by dirt, dust, water or chemicals and can even be used underwater. Can be used in medical environment where disinfecting and sterilization is required.


  • Qi Compatible (A5 / A11)
  • Low Standby Current
  • Size 33.12mm x 27.94mm x 5.1mm
  • Simple Integration

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