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Chipanalog Micro CA-IS3622

CA-IS362x Digital Isolators with Power


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The CA-IS362x is a chip in the digital isolator series with reinforced isolation withstand voltage and integrated DC-DC converter. The emergence of the CA-IS362x can replace the traditional isolated power supply scheme built with discrete devices, and the new scheme makes the form factor smaller and can achieve complete isolation. The CA-IS3620/CA-IS3621/CA-IS3622 are dual-channel digital isolators.The CA-IS3620 chip has two channels in the same direction, and the CA-IS3621 and CA-IS3622 chips have one forward and one reverse channel. All devices have a fail-safe mode option that defaults to low output for chips suffixed with L and high for chips suffixed with H if the input signal is lost.


  • Signal transfer rate: DC ~ 150 Mbps
  • Default output: high level and low level optional
  • Precise timing (typical 5 V supply)
  • 10 ns propagation delay
  • 1 ns pulse width distortion
  • 2 ns propagation delay skew
  • High CMTI: ±150 kV/µS (typ.)
  • Tri-state output according to enable signal
  • Schmitt trigger input
  • Wide input voltage range: 3 V ~ 5.5 V
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 °C ~ 125 °C
  • Integrated high-efficiency DC-DC converter and on-chip transformer
  • Selectable output voltage: 3.3 V or 5.0 V
  • Built-in soft-start circuit to prevent inrush current and output overshoot
  • Overload and short circuit protection function
  • Thermal shutdown protection function
  • Excellent Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Low radiation
  • Excellent isolation properties
  • Isolation voltage up to 5 kVRMS
  • Isolation barrier life: >40 years
  • RoHS Compliant Package
  • SOIC16-WB

Typische Anwendungen

  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial Automation Control Systems, Motor Control, Test and Measurement, Isolated ADCs, DACs

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