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Chipanalog Micro CA-IS3062W

CA-IS3062W Isolated CAN transceiver with power supply


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The CA-IS3062W is an isolated Control Area Network (CAN) physical layer transceiver with an internal integrated isolated DC-DC converter. Technical specifications in accordance with ISO11898-2 standard. This device uses on-chip silicon dioxide (SiO2) capacitors as isolation layers, and is used in CAN protocol. It creates a fully isolated interface between the protocol controller and the physical layer bus, and with the internally integrated isolated DC-DC, it isolates noise and interference and prevents damage to sensitive circuits.CA-IS3062W adopts SOIC surface mount package, integrates 2-channel digital isolator, CAN transceiver and isolated DC-DC. The whole chip only needs a 5V power supply on the logic side, realizing a fully isolated CAN transceiver solution.CA-IS3062W can provide differential receiving and differential transmitting capabilities for CAN protocol controller and physical layer bus respectively, and the signal transmission rate can reach up to 1 Mbps. The device features current limit, overvoltage and bus fault protection (-40 V to 40 V) and thermal shutdown to prevent. The outputs are shorted and the common-mode voltage range is -12 V to 12 V. The CA-IS3062 is specified over a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C and is available in a wide body SOIC16 package.


  • Compliant with ISO 11898-2 physical layer standard
  • Integrated DC-DC converter provides isolated power supply for bus side
  • Integrated protection functions support reliable data communication
  • Provide 5kVRMS (60s) isolation withstand voltage
  • ±150kV/μs typical CMTI
  • Isolation barrier life: > 40 years
  • CANH, CANL bus pins with ±58V fault protection
  • ±30V Extended Common Mode Input Range (CMR)
  • Transmitter timeout detection avoids bus lockup, allowing a minimum transfer rate of 5.5 kbps
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 °C to 125 °C
  • Data rate up to 1Mbps
  • Logic side single +5V power supply
  • Ultra low latency: 150ns (typ), 210ns (max)
  • When not powered, the device maintains ideal passive characteristics
  • SOIC16-WB(W) wide body package
  • Security certification (applying)
  • VDE 0884-11 Reinforced Isolation
  • UL 1577 Listed: 5kVRMS @1min
  • IEC 60950-1, IEC60601-1, IEC 61010-1 and GB4843.1-2011 CQC reinforced isolation certification
  • EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 TUV certified, 5kVRMS @1min

Typische Anwendungen

  • Medical Equipment
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Industrial Controls, Building Automation, Safety and Protection Systems, Transportation

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