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Toshiba TC7766

WPC Qi v1.2 15W Compliant Wireless Power Receiver Controller IC


TopologyWireless Power Transfer
Input voltage18 V
Output 17.5 V / 2 A
IC revision1.4


The TC7766WBG is a 15W wireless power receiver (RX) IC compliant to the Qi v1.2 standard of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The TC7766WBG includes a rectifier circuit, a digital control circuit, a modulation circuit, a demodulation circuit and a regulator circuit which controls the supply voltage to the load. The IC includes all functions needed to construct a standalone wireless power RX system. In addition, it enables a host controller to check the wireless power system status by accessing its registers via I2 C. TC7766WBG allows designes with a minimum amount of external components. e.g. uses an internal oscillator and generates its own power supply voltages with an built-in LDO.


  • Full bridge rectifier circuit
    • 3 modes auto-switch : Synchronous rectification / Diode rectification / Diode bridge
    • Low ON resistance : Hi Side 45mΩ(Typ.) / Low side 30mΩ(Typ.)
    • Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) function
  • Over Voltage Detection (OVP) function
  • Maximum output power : 15W
  • Output power
  • LDO-mode : 5V, 5.1V, 5.2V, 7V
  • SW-mode : 6.75V to 14V
  • Maximum output current : 1.7A
  • Over Current Limit (OCL) function : 2.0A
  • Qi v1.2 compliant : Basic Power Profile (BPP) / Extended Power Profile (EPP)
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD) function
  • Current drive type startup function
  • Thermal shutdown function (TSD)
  • I2C access to status and configuration registers
  • Advanced functions
  • Packet send function
  • Renegotiation function initiated by RX
  • Package : S-XFLGA28-0304-0.50-001 (2.40mm3.67mm0.5mm, 0.5mm pitch)

Typical applications

  • Mobile communication devices (Smartphones, featurephones, tablets) / mobile accessory
  • industrial devices