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Torex XC9404 | Demoboard XC9404AL03SR-G

XC9404 LED Lighting


TopologyFlyback Converter
Input voltage85-270 V
Output 130 V / 1 A
IC revision1.00


The XC9404 series are LED lighting offline controllers that use PFM(Pulse Frequency Modulation) control andhave a Power Factor improvement function. The operating input voltage range is 85VAC to 270VAC, and the currentis controlled on the primary side without using a Opto-coupler or secondary side control circuit. Because LED currentfluctuations caused by input voltage fluctuations and LED voltage fluctuations can be suppressed, a stable LEDlighting power supply is obtained.A high Power Factor and low THD are attained by synchronizing the input current with the input voltage, andoperation in DCM(Discontinuous Current Mode) makes it possible to achieve high efficiency. An internalacceleration startup circuit enables the LED lighting to illuminate quickly.Over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and UVLO are provided as internal protective functions, and cansuppress smoke and fire even when an LED short-circuits or is open


Unlike methods that combine a PFC IC with a constantcurrentIC, the XC9404 series improves the PowerFactor and performs constant-current control using asingle IC.This enables simplification of the circuit and fewercomponents for a significant reduction of cost.In addition, the optimum solution for the application canbe selected from either an isolated flyback circuit thatemphasizes safety, or a non-isolated buck-boost circuitthat emphasizes cost.This enables optimal use in a wide range ofapplications, from LED light bulbs under 10W tocommercial/industrial lighting that requires a high PowerFactor / low THD.

Typical applications

  • LED Lighting