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Texas Instruments bq25700 | Demoboard BQ25700AEVM-732

bq2570x Evaluation Module


TopologyBuck-Boost Converter
Input voltage3.5-24 V
Switching frequency800-1200 kHz
Output 120.8 V / 8 A


The bq25700AEVM-732 and bq25703AEVM-732 evaluation modules (EVM) are SMBus or I2C-controlledNVDC-1 buck boost charger. The input voltage range is between 3.5 V and 24 V, with a programmableoutput of 1–4 cells and a charge output current range of 64 mA to 8.128 A. This EVM does not include theEV2400 interface device; the EV2400 must be ordered separately to evaluate the bq2570x EVM.


Host-controlled NVDC 1S-4S battery buck boost charger with 3.5V~24V inputUltra low quiescent current of 600 μA and high PFM light load efficiency >80% at 20 mA load to meet energy star and ErP Lot6High integration charger has comprehensive /PROCHOT, input and battery current monitor (IADP/IBAT), system power monitor (PMON)