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Texas Instruments AMC1306M05DWVR | Demoboard TIDA-010054

Bi-directional, dual active bridge reference design for level 3 electric vehicle charging stations


TopologyOther Topology
IC revisionE1


This reference design provides an overview on the implementation of a single-phase dual active bridge (DAB) DC/DC converter. DAB topology offers advantages like soft-switching commutations, a decreased number of devices and high efficiency. The design is beneficial where power density, cost, weight, galvanic isolation, high voltage conversion ratio and reliability are critical factors, making it ideal for EV charging stations and energy storage applications. Modularity and symmetrical structure in DAB allow for stacking converters to achieve high power throughput and facilitate a bidirectional mode of operation to support battery charging and discharging applications.


  • Dual-channel UCC21530 with reinforced isolation used for driving SiC MOSFETs in the half-bridge configuration
  • TMS320F280049 controller for implementation of digital control
  • Isolated voltage and current sensing
  • Primary voltage of 700-800-V DC, secondary voltage of 380-500-V DC, maximum power output of 10 kW
  • Full load efficiency of 97.6% and a peak efficiency of 98.2% at 6 KW
  • High-power density of 1.92 KW/L

Typical applications

  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Industrial motor drives
  • Photovoltaic inverters