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Semtech SC560

Dual Output Low Noise LDO Linear Regulator


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IC revision7.1


The SC560 is a family of dual output, ultra-low dropoutlinear voltage regulators designed for use in batterypowered wireless applications. The SC560A, SC560B, andSC560C provide adjustable output voltages that can beset using two external resistors. Fixed output voltagesare also available (see ordering information for availablecombinations). Fixed output devices provide the powergoodmonitor, independent enable pins, and a bypass pinfor low-noise operationAll members of the SC560 family require an input voltagelevel between 2.5V and 5.5V. Output voltages for theadjustable versions can vary between 1.2V and 5.0V. Fixedoutput voltage options are also chosen from this range.The SC560A provides superior low-noise performanceby using an external bypass capacitor connected to pin7 to # lter the bandgap reference. The SC560B uses pin 7as a separate enable pin for the second regulator outputso the two outputs can be controlled independently.The SC560C uses this pin to provide a PGOOD outputto hold a processor in reset when the voltage on OUTAis not in regulation. All other versions provide all threefunctions with # xed output voltages (no feedback pinsare provided).The device also provides protection circuitry such ascurrent limiting, under-voltage lockout, and thermalprotection to prevent device failures. Stability ismaintained by using 1μF capacitors on the output pins.The MLPQ-UT8 package and 0402 ceramic capacitorsminimize the required PCB area.


Input Voltage Range — 2.5V to 5.5V

Output voltage Ranges — 1.2V to 3.3V (each LDO)

Maximum Output Current — 300mA (both LDOs)

Dropout at 200mA load — 200mV max.

Quiescent Supply Current = 100μA (both LDOs enabled)

Shutdown Current = 100nA (typ)

Output Noise < 50μVRMS (SC560A and fixed output versions)

PSRR < -65dB at 1kHz (SC560A and fixed output versions)

Over-temperature protection

Short-circuit protection

Under-voltage lockout

Power good monitor for output A (SC560C and fixed outputversions)

Independent enable/disable for LDOB (SC560B and fixedoutput versions)

MLPQ-UT8, 1.5mm x 1.5mm x 0.6mm package

Typical applications

  • Personal communicators
  • Wireless LAN,Wireless handsets
  • Digital cordless phones and PCS phones
  • PDAs and cellular phones
  • Palmtop computers and handheld instruments
  • GPS devices
  • TFT/LCD applications