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Renesas IDTP9036A

12V Wireless Power Transmitter IC for TX-A6


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage11.4-12.6 V
Switching frequency115-205 kHz
Output 15.5 V / 0.01 A


The IDTP9036A is a highly-integrated WPC-compliant wireless powertransmitter IC for power transmitter WPC design TX-A6. The deviceoperates with a 12V adaptor, and drives an external half-bridge inverterfor DC/AC conversion. It controls the transferred power by modulatingthe switching frequency of the half-bridge inverter from 115kHz to205kHz at a fixed 50% duty cycle as specified by the WPC specificationfor an “A6” transmitter. It contains logic circuits required to demodulateand decode WPC-compliant message packets sent by the mobiledevice to adjust the transferred power.The IDTP9036A is an intelligent device which manages mobile devicedetection, and then the selection of one section of the triple A6 coilwithout user supervision. The A6 configuration allows free mobiledevice positioning over a wider area than configurations that use asingle coil, detecting a mobile device for charging while minimizing idlepower. Once the mobile device is detected and authenticated, theIDTP9036A continuously monitors all communications from the mobiledevice, and adjusts the transmitted power accordingly by varying theswitching frequency of the half-bridge inverter.The IDTP9036A features a proprietary back-channel communicationmode which enables the device to communicate with IDT’s wirelesspower receiver solutions (e.g. IDTP9020). This feature enablesadditional layers of capabilities beyond the standard WPC requirements.This device also features optional security and encryptions to securelyauthenticate the receiver before transferring power. This feature isavailable when an IDTP9020 is used for the receiver.The IDTP9036A includes over-temperature/current protection and aForeign Object Detection (FOD) method to protect the base station andmobile device from overloading in the presence of a metallic foreignobject. It manages fault conditions associated with power transfer andcontrols status LEDs to indicate operating modes.


 5W Solution for Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)-Compliant Power Transmitter Design TX-A6

  •  Conforms to WPC Specification Version 1.1 Specifications
  •  Reduced EMI To Meet Requirements of WPC 1.1 Certification
  •  12V Operating Input Voltage
  •  Closed-Loop Power Transfer Control Between
  • Base Station and Mobile Device
  •  Demodulates and Decodes WPC-Compliant Message Packets
  •  5V Regulated DC/DC Converter
  •  Integrated RESET Function
  •  Proprietary Back-Channel Communication
  •  I2C Interface
  •  Open-Drain LED Indicator Outputs
  •  Over-Temperature Protection
  •  Security and Encryption up to 64 bits
  •  Foreign Object Detection (FOD)

Note: At input side of buck

  • ACM4520-901-2P-T-000

Typical applications

  • WPC-Compliant Wireless Charging Base Stations


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5 files WS-TASV SMT Tact Switch 6.0x3.5 mm 4.3 160 50000 Black 1800
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Order Code Data­sheet Downloads Product seriesH
Operation Force
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