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Renesas IDTP9025

Ultra-compact Qi Wireless Power Receiver IC


TopologyWireless Power Transfer
Output 15 V / 1 A


The IDT P9025A is an integrated single-chip, WPC v1.1-compliant, wireless power receiver IC with advanced WPC v1.1 Foreign Object Detection (FOD). The device converts an AC power signal from a resonant tank into a regulated 5V output voltage, which can be used to supply power to a mobile application. It includes a high-efficiency Synchronous Full Bridge Rectifier and 5V tracking LDO output stage.

The device includes the control circuitry required to modulate its load to transmit WPC-compliant message packets to the base station. It uses minimal external components to reduce overall solution area. The P9025A employs advanced programmable FOD techniques to detect foreign metallic objects placed on the transmitter base station based on the transmitted and recevied power transfer.


  • WPC 1.1 Qi compliant
  • Advanced WPC v1.1 Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Programmable FOD setting via external resistors and I2C registers
  • Programmable current limit

Integrated Full-Bridge Synchronous Rectifier

  • Integrated 5V @ 1A Linear Regulator Output
  • Closed-loop power transfer control between TX and RX
  • I2C interface provides Vrect, Iout and switching frequency values
  • Open-Drain LED Indicator Output
  • Temperature monitoring through external NTC thermistor
  • Over-Temperature/Voltage/Current Protection

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5 files WS-TASV SMT Tact Switch 6.0x3.5 mm 5 160 Black
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Order Code Data­sheet Downloads Product seriesH
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