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ON Semiconductor LV8907UW | Demoboard LV8907UWGEVK

Sensor-less Three-phase Brushless DC Motor Controller, with Gate Drivers, for Automotive Evaluation Kit


Topology Other Topology
Input voltage 5.5-20 V


The LV8907UWEvaluation Kit v1.0 is designed to provide an easy and quick development platform for three phase sensor-less BLDC motor control applications using the LV8907UW. The LV8907UW is a stand-alone solution that does not need a microcontroller for operation. An Atmel microcontroller is included in the kit to communicate via USB with the PC based graphical user interface (GUI) and support some peripheral functions such as current and voltage measurement, and external temperature monitoring for easier system development. For quick-start and basic The kit consists of:1. LV8907UW Evaluation Board (EVB)2. USB cable Type A to mini B.3. Graphical User Interface.Technical Features• Motor operation: 7V to 20V (40V transient).• Max current: 30A.• Maximum continuous power: 400W.


  • Motor operation: 7V to 20V (40V transient).
  • Max current: 30A.
  • Maximum continuous power: 400W.


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Order Code Data­sheet Downloads Product series Packaging Samples