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ON Semiconductor LV8548MC | Demoboard LV8548MCSLDGEVB

2-channel low saturation voltage forward/reverse motor driver


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IC revision0917


The LV8548MC is a 2-channel low saturation voltage forward/reverse motor driver IC. It is optimal for motor drive in 12V system products and can drive either two DC motors, one DC motor using parallel connection , or it can drive a stepper motor in Full-step and Half-step.


  • DMOS output transistor adoption (Upper and lower total RON = 1Ωtyp)
  • The compact package (SOIC10) is adopted.
  • VCC max = 20v, IO max = 1A
  • Built-in brake function
  • Our motor driver IC, LB1948MC, and compatible pin
  • For one power supply (The control system power supply is unnecessary.)
  • Current consumption 0 when standing by
  • It is possible to connect it in parallel (parallel, connected operation of drive ch).

Typical applications

  • Refrigerators / Time Recorder / Vacuum cleaner / TOY
  • Label Printer / POS Printer