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ON Semiconductor LV5012MD

LED Drive IC


TopologyFlyback Converter
Input voltage198-264 V
Switching frequency61-79 kHz
Output 120 V / 0.55 A


LV5012MD is a High Voltage LED drive controller which drives LED current with external MOS FET. LV5012MD is realized a simple LED circuit with a few external parts and reduce circuit board space. It corresponds to various dimming controls including the TRIAC dimming control without flickering. LV5012MD is realized high efficiency due to low operation current.


  • High Voltage LED Controller

    -Direct operation from rectified AC voltage

  • Various Dimming ControlTRIAC & Analog Input & PWM Input

  • Various Dimming Control

  • Multiple Internal Reference Voltage Auto Level Control Output & 0.45V & 0.1V

  • Improvement power factor & Improvement THD & good line regulation

  • Short Protection Circuit (latch off)

  • Protects from Manufacturing or Field Faults

  • Over Voltage Protection (auto recovery circuit)

  • Protects from Manufacturing or Field Faults

  • 2Staged Thermal Protection (auto recovery circuit)

    -Protects LED Driver from overheating

  • External Thermal Protection Adopted.

    -Variable thermal protection setting

  • Built-in TRIAC Stabilized function


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Flyback Transformer
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Order Code Data­sheet Downloads Product series Samples