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ON Semiconductor FDMQ8205 | Demoboard FEBFDMQ8205_90W

GreenBridge for Power Over Ethernet


TopologyFlyback Converter
Input voltage42.5-57 V
Output 13.3 V / 27 A
IC revision0.1.0


GreenBridge™ FDMQ8205 evaluation board highlights the polarity protection bridge at input of PoE (Power over Ethernet) PD (Power device) so that the input will be insensitive to the polarity of a power source coupled to the device. The device itself may be sensitive to the polarity of the power source, but bridge rectifier can be configured to provide the proper polarity to the device when the polarity of the power source is reversed. GreenBridge replaces the conventional diode bridge to reduce the power dissipation caused by the large voltage drop of a diode bridge, resulting in a high efficiency power device while not compromising IEEE802.3af/at. The small package size of MLP4.5x5 reduces PCB area and increases power density.


Active MOSFET bridge with low forward drop to replace conventional diode bridge IEEE802.3af/at compliant

  • . Not compromise PoE detection and classification
  • . Works with 2 and 4-pair architecture Enhanced thermal performance package of 4x4.5mm MLP Wide operating voltage range up to 70V

Typical applications

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Power device (PD)