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O2 Micro International Ltd OZ8022V

OZ8022V High Power Factor


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage85-265 V
Output 132 V / 0.6 A


The OZ8022V is a controller for Buck converters that uses quasi-resonant conversion technology. It can be used to drive high-brightness LEDs, with power factor correction, in offline applications. The Buck converter operates between the continuous and discontinuous mode of inductor current.


  • Quasi-resonant converter controller for high-brightness LEDs
  • Low stand-by and operating current
  • Peak current-mode control simplifies circuit design
  • Under-voltage lockout with hysteresis
  • Minimum off-time control at high-input voltage operation condition
  • Provides complete protection functions:

    -Maximum gate drive output-Over-voltage for IC bias voltage-Cycle-by-cycle current limit

    -LED short circuit; output over-voltage; and internal over temperature

Typical applications

  • LED Driver