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NXP SSL21081 | Demoboard UM10468

SSL2108X buck evaluation board


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage85-138 V
Output 170 V / 0.09 A
IC revision1


The SSL2108X is a family of high-voltage Integrated Circuits (IC), designed to drivenon-dimmable retrofit LED lamps in general lighting applications. The product familyconsists of four ICs with different configurationsMain benefits of the product family are:• Small Printed-Circuit Board (PCB) footprint providing a compact solution• High-efficiency (up to 95 %)• Ease of integration• Low electronic Bill Of Material (BOM)The SSL2108X provides accurate output control with more than 5 % LED current accuracy. The ICs can operate using Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) dimming and have many protection features including easy external temperature feedback.The SSL2108X driver family is the high performance solution for the next generation ofretrofit LED lamps. These ICs provide a high efficiency, high-power factor solution in asmall form factor.Remark: Unless otherwise stated all voltages are in V (DC).