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NXP MC33PT2000

Programmable solenoid controller


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IC revisionMCO40938


The PT2000 is a SMARTMOS programmable gate driver IC for precision solenoid control applications, which makes the component very flexible and relieves the main microcontroller from the heavy task of the actuator control. The chip integrates six microcores used to control, seven external MOSFET high-side predrivers, eight external MOSFET low-side pre-drivers (two of them with higher switching frequency can be used for DC/DC converters), an integrated end of injection detection, six current measurements, and diagnostics for both the highside and low-side. PT2000 includes two internal regulators with overvoltage and undervoltage monitoring and protection, VCCP fed from the battery line supplying the pre-driver section and VCC2P5 fed from an external 5.0 V generating supply for the digital block. Interface with the MCU is achieved via serial peripheral interface (SPI) and 16 configurable I/O signals. I/O are supplied by an external 3.3 V or 5.0 V regulator connected to VCCIO. These features along with cost effective packaging, make the PT2000 ideal for power train engine control applications.


  • Battery voltage range, 5.0 V < VBATT < 72 V
  • Battery and boost voltage monitoring
  • Pre-drive operating voltage up to 72 V
  • Seven high-side/ eight low-side pre-drive PWM capability up to 100 kHz-30 nC
  • All pre-drivers have four selectable slew rates
  • Eight selectable, pre-defined VDS monitoring thresholds
  • Measurement function for end of injection detection
  • Encryption for microcode protection
  • Integrated 1.0 MHz back-up clock

Typical applications

  • Automotive (12 V), truck and industrial (24 V) power train
  • Diesel and gasoline direct injection (three banks), Transmission, Valve control