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NXP MC33816 | Demoboard AN4849

Four Injector and Fuel Pump Drive


TopologyBoost Converter
IC revision3.0


Document Number: AN4849Rev. 3.0, 11/2014Four Injector and Fuel Pump DriveFeaturing the MC33816The IC consists of five external MOSFET high-side pre-drivers and seven external MOSFET low-side pre-driversProvides a flexible solution for MOSFET gate drive with a versatile control and optimized latency timeGate drive, diagnosis, and protection are managed through four independent microcores, two code RAM and two data RAM banksThe IC contains two internal voltage regulators


Battery voltage range, 5.0 V < VBATT < 32 VPre-drive operating voltage up to 72 VHigh-side/ low-side pre-drive PWM capability up to 100 KHz (30 nCoulomb)All pre-drivers have four selectable slew ratesEight selectable, pre-defined VDS monitoring thresholdsEncryption for microcode protection