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Maxim Integrated Max16990 | Demoboard MAXREFDES1017

Selectable Single-output SEPIC Converter using MAX16990


TopologySEPIC Buck-Boost Topology
Output 124 V
Output 25 V


The MAX16990 is a high-performance, current-modePWM controller with 4μA (typ) shutdown current for wideinput voltage range boost/SEPIC converters. The 4.5V to36V input operating voltage range makes this device idealin automotive applications such as for front-end “preboost”or “SEPIC” power supplies and for the first booststage in high power LED lighting applications. An internallow-dropout regulator (PVL regulator) with a 5V outputvoltage enables the MAX16990 to operate directly froman automotive battery input. The input operating rangecan be extended to as low as 2.5V when the converteroutput is applied to the SUP input. The MAX16990 operatesin different frequency ranges. It can be synchronizedto an external master clock using the FSET/SYNC input.In addition, the MAX16990 has a factory-programmablespread-spectrum option. It is available in compact 12-pinTQFN and 10-pin μMAX® packages.


Minimized Radio Interference with 2.5MHz SwitchingFrequency Above the AM Radio Band●● Space-Efficient Solution Design with MinimizedExternal Components

  • 100kHz to 1MHz Switching-Frequency Range
  • 12-Pin TQFN (3mm x 3mm) and 10-Pin μMAXPackages●● Spread Spectrum Simplifies EMI Management Design●● Flexibility with Available Configurations for Boost,SEPIC, and Multiphase Applications
  • Adjustable Slope Compensation
  • Current-Mode Control
  • Internal Soft-Start (9ms)●● Protection Features Support Robust AutomotiveApplications
  • Operating Voltage Range Down to 4.5V (2.5V orLower in Bootstrapped Mode), Immune to Load-Dump Transient Voltages Up to 42V
  • PGOOD Output and Hiccup Mode for EnhancedSystem Protection
  • Overtemperature Shutdown
  • -40°C to +125°C Operation