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Infineon Technologies ICE2QR1065Z

Off-Line SMPS Quasi-Resonant PWM Controller with integrated 650V CoolMOS® and startup cell in DIP-7


TopologyFlyback Converter
Input voltage85-285 V
Output 15 V / 2.4 A
IC revision2.1


The CoolSET®-Q1 series (ICE2QRxx65Z) is the first generation of quasi-resonant integrated power ICs. It is optimized for off-line switch mode power supply applications such as LCD monitor, DVD R/W, DVDCombo, Blue-ray DVD, set top box, etc. Operating the MOSFET switch in quasi-resonant mode, lower EMI,higher efficiency and lower voltage stress on secondary diodes are expected for the SMPS. Based on theBiCMOS technology, the CoolSET®-Q1 series has a wide operation range (up to 25V) of IC power supply and lower power consumption. It also offers many advantages such as quasi-resonant operation till very low load which increases the average system efficiency,Active Burst Mode operation which enables an ultra-low power consumption at standby mode with small and controllable output voltage ripple, etc.


  • 650V avalanche rugged CoolMOS® with built-instartup cell
  • Quasi resonant operation till very low load
  • Active burst mode operation for low standby inputpower (< 0.1W)
  • Digital frequency reduction with decreasing load forreduced switching loss
  • Built-in digital soft-start
  • Foldback point correction and cycle-by-cycle peakcurrent limitation
  • Maximum on/off time limitation
  • Auto restart mode for VCC Overvoltage andUndervoltage protections
  • Auto restart mode for overload protection
  • Auto restart mode for overtemperature protectionLatch-off mode for adjustable output overvoltageprotection and transformer short-winding protection


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Flyback Transformer WE-FB
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Order Code Data­sheet Product series Samples