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AXElite AX5201

Step-up PWM DC/DC Converter


TopologyBoost Converter
IC revision1.4


The AX5201 is high efficient step-up DC/DC converter. Large output current ispossible having a built in internal N channel MOSFET, and using an external coil anddiode.The AX5201 can be operated at switching frequencies of 500 kHz allowing for easyfiltering and low noise, the size of the external components can be reduced.Output voltage is programmable with 1.0V of standard voltage supply internal, andusing externally connected components, output voltage (FB) can be set up at will. Thesoft-start time can be programmed by outside capacitor; the function prevents overshoot atstartup. Build inside Current limit, Thermal Shutdown and enable functions.


  • Input voltage:3V to 20V
  • Output voltage:3.3V to 32V
  • Duty ratio:0% to 85% PWM control
  • Oscillation frequency:500KHz.
  • Enable and Thermal Shutdown function.
  • Internal Current limit.
  • Built-in N-channel MOSFET
  • SOP-8L with Exposed pad Pb-Free package.

Typical applications

  • IC power supply pin
  • Signal Ground pin.
  • Power-off pin
  • Power Ground pin
  • Feedback pin
  • Switch pin.
  • Soft-Start Pin.