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Alpha & Omega Semiconductor AOZ1967DI



TopologyBoost Converter
Input voltage2.7-5.5 V


The AOZ1967DI is the ideal power solution for high power flash LEDs used with cell phone camera modules or digital still cameras. It is a highly integrated step up DC-DC converter with very high switching frequency, fixed at 2MHz, providing a very small total solution for portable photo flash. The AOZ1967DI has separate flash-mode and movie/torch mode enable pins for maximum flexibility. The flash mode and movie/torch-mode LED current is programmed by external resistors respectively, making the flash LED solution simple to control. If both enable pins are at logic high, the LED current will be programmed by the movie/torch-mode setting resistor.

The two LED output sinks can be shorted together externally for higher power single flash LEDs, up to 2A continuous LED current. Thermal regulation is integrated in flash mode to limit the IC’s temperature and continuously provide the maximum allowed output current.

Various protection features are built into the AOZ1967DI, including cycle-by-cycle input current limit protection, output over-voltage protection, LED fault(open or short) protection and thermal shut down protection. The leakage current in shutdown mode is 0.1μA.

The AOZ1967DI is available in a RoHS compliant 14 lead 2X3X0.75mm Thin DFN.


  • Input voltage range:2.7~5.5V
  • Dual flash LED outputs
  • Drive up to total 2A or 1A per channel
  • High efficiency converter (up to 95%)
  • 2MHz step up converter
  • Very small inductor:1.0uH
  • Very small load capacitor:1uF to 10uF
  • Independent flash-mode enable and movie/torch-mode enable pins
  • Movie/torch-mode dimming via PWM control
  • One resistor sets flash-mode LED current
  • One resistor sets movie/torch-mode LED current
  • Integrated thermal regulation control
  • LED open/short protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Cycle-by-cycle inductor current limit
  • 0.1uA shutdown current
  • Pb-free package:TDFN2X3-1440 to 85℃ temperature rangeREMARKS:-IC INFORMATION AVAILABLE IN IC FOLDER

Typical applications

  • Smart phones and PDAs
  • Digital still cameras
  • Mobile phones