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ADI Power by Linear LT3484-0

Photoflash Capacitor Chargers


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The LT®3484 family of photoflash capacitor charger ICs is designed for use in digital camera and mobile phone applications where space is at a premium. The LT3484’s patented control technique allows it to use extremely small transformers, and the improved NPN power switch requires no external Schottky diode clamp, reducing solution size. Output voltage detection requires no external circuitry as the transformer turns ratio determines final charge voltage.The devices feature a VBAT pin, which allows the use of 2 alkaline cells to charge the capacitor. The LT3484-0, -2 and -1 have primary current limits of 1.4A, 1A and 0.7A respectively, resulting in tightly controlled average inputcurrent of 500mA, 350mA and 225mA respectively. The three versions are otherwise identical.The CHARGE pin gives full control of the part to the user.Driving CHARGE low puts the part in shutdown. The DONE pin indicates when the part has completed charging. The LT3484 series of parts are housed in a tiny low profile 2mm × 3mm DFN package.


  • Highly Integrated IC in 2mm × 3mm DFN Package Reduces Solution Size
  • Uses Small Transformers:5.8mm × 5.8mm × 3mm
  • Fast Photoflash Charge Times:4.6s for LT3484-0 (0V to 320V, 100µF, VIN = 3.6V)5.7s for LT3484-2 (0V to 320V, 100µF, VIN = 3.6V)5.5s for LT3484-1 (0V to 320V, 50µF, VIN = 3.6V)
  • Operates from Two AA Batteries, or Any Supply from 1.8V up to 16V
  • Controlled Average Input Current500mA (LT3484-0)350mA (LT3484-2)225mA (LT3484-1)
  • No Output Voltage Divider Needed
  • No External Schottky Diode Required
  • Charges Any Size Photoflash Capacitor
  • Available in 6-Lead 2mm × 3mm DFN Package

Typical applications

  • Digital Camera
  • Cell Phone Flash Charger


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